Music Editing

Blissnz offers a full range of music editing services.

  • Transfer audio from reel to reel, vinyl, tape, mini-disc to CD, mp3 etc.
  • Music cutting, editing, tempo changing for dance students, teachers, etc
  • Music editing for Corporate Events.

If you need music editing for your shows, then look no further. We can edit your music with undetectable cuts or joins. No more gaps, pops or timing problems.

New website

Finally have got round to redesigning the website. Hope you like the new image. Please take the time to explore what blissnz has to offer.


School Orchestral Arrangements

A new feature which has been added to the website. If you are a music teacher at a Primary or Intermediate school and are frustrated at the lack of good quality musical arrangements for years 4 to 8 then this page is for you.