About us

Blissnz consists of husband and wife team Steve and Jo Paull. We have been involved in media production and composition for many years, originally based in London, England. 

In England Jo was part of the hugely successful 'Kiddleydivey' music company, while Steve recorded the first two 'Kiddleydivey' CD's at his Rosseau Records studio.

Steve and Jo were also members of the legendary 'Don't Call me Jane' band who toured extensively in the London area.

Now based in Taupo, in the Central North Island of New Zealand, Steve and Jo are able to bring their vast experience to many different areas of music.

Jo is the Principal of the Taupo School of Music as well as being a highly respected teacher of violin, cello and piano. Jo has a unique talent for being able to arrange music for school orchestras. There is very little material available for primary level school orchestras to attempt to play, most of it being much too difficult. Jo has arranged many songs for this ability level and her school orchestras have impressed scores of people.

Steve has established a recording studio in Taupo and has recorded many local artists there. He has also recorded dozens of jingles for both radio and television.

Steve also teaches the guitar both privately and at both local colleges and several local schools.

We are both now members of a local Taupo covers band called 'Working Class', and have also formed an acoustic duo called 'Bliss'.

Since living in New Zealand we have also discovered an interest in big band jazz music and are both members of the local 'Great Lake Big Band'. Jo is the lead vocalist and Steve plays the guitar.





New website

Finally have got round to redesigning the website. Hope you like the new image. Please take the time to explore what blissnz has to offer.



School Orchestral Arrangements

A new feature which has been added to the website. If you are a music teacher at a Primary or Intermediate school and are frustrated at the lack of good quality musical arrangements for years 4 to 8 then this page is for you.